Association Dues​

The Auburn Meadows Property Owners Association is responsible for the maintenance, improvement, repair, and operation of the community. This includes payment of insurance, labor costs, equipment, materials furnished with respect to the common areas, etc. 

The membership fee is collected per property. The annual assessment is billed shortly after January 1st and is due not later than March 1st.

Any payment not received by March 3rd shall result in a late charge of $20.00 (in lieu of 12% interest) being added to the delinquent owner’s account for which the owner is responsible, which shall be deemed a part of the indebtedness to the Association. A $20.00 late charge will be added each month the dues remain unpaid until the balance is paid or payment arrangements have been made.

Please refer to the Delinquency Policy document for additional information on delinquent payment.

Download Delinquency Policy Resolution